Welcome to the first issue!

Two unique sections are included in JICW's first issue. These include the 'Thought-Piece' section, and the 'CASIS Quarterly Review' section. The first includes informed thought pieces, designed to widen the context of security and to provide unique perspectives. These papers are not designed to be academic in nature, but rather, to be practitioner reflective.

Secondly, the 'CASIS Quarterly Review' is an encapsulation of briefing notes, which are generated from each CASIS roundtable event. The roundtables are unique in that the audience is comprised of security practitioners, reservists, police officers, naval and other military professionals, in addition to researchers at all levels of academia. The briefing notes are designed to capture the perspectives of those present and to collate the collected views on the specific security problems discussed during each event. These briefings, therefore, can provide unique summaries and breakdowns of current Canadian Westcoast multidisciplinary perspectives on relevant security issues.