Call for papers Volume 2 Issue 1

The Journal of Intelligence, Conflict, and Warfare is pleased to announce its 2019 call for papers for Volume 2, Issue 1, for publication, entitled “The Influence of Non-State Actors on State Legitimacy.”

 The inspiration behind this issue’s theme is the exploration of contemporary threats, or influential factors impacting centralized state government’s authority and ultimately, state legitimacy. Multifaceted, non-state-based networks contain a new transnational power, due to the democratization of information, which could be seen to challenge the legitimacy of states and their institutions. State legitimacy is based on the legal concept of formal sovereignty, where the state is the ultimate law-making, and enforcing authority over a population, within a defined territory. States may be deemed legitimate when their citizens accept their authority to rule over them, however, legitimacy is also a political process bringing order to social relations, which political actors prove central to (Mcloughlin, 2014).

Understanding when citizens are likely to question or withdraw their support for a state’s legitimacy, requires investigating social norms. A key challenge is to understand what social norms, rules or ideas underpin citizens’ perceptions of the state’s right to rule in a specific time and place (Mcloughlin, 2014).

The legitimacy of states is brought into question, when non-state-based networks such as criminal syndicates, begin to take over state functions, such as financially supporting communities and keeping them safe. In this sense, we ask possible contributors to consider or explore questions of: is state power currently being challenged? Is power shifting away from being in the hands of centralized state governments? Are non-state-based actors, groups and networks replacing state functions for some populations?


The JICW editors would like to place a primacy on papers or briefings seeking to investigate:

  • The conception of state legitimacy.
  • The conditions and surrounding social norms, impacting when citizens may withdraw their support of a state's legitimacy.
  • External non-state groups or actors, impacting centralized state governments' authority.
  • The definitions and differentiation of illegitimate and legitimate rule.
  • How the inclusion/exclusion from access to state resources may influence support for state legitimacy.
  • Exploration of which groups have the power to withdraw legitimacy from the state.
  • New, arising forms of warfare involving non-state actors/groups.


The JICW will still be accepting papers and briefings true to its name which focus on:

  • Unconventional warfare, involving non-state actors.
  • Information warfare.
  • Hybrid warfare.
  • Cyber warfare.
  • Asymmetric, compound, and irregular warfare.
  • Transnational crime.
  • Fifth generation warfare.
  • Net-centric warfare.
  • Identity and social conflict.
  • State v. State conflicts.
  • Intelligence analysis, failures, or modern challenges.


Please submit drafts of 9000 words maximum, further submission guidelines may be found at

Submissions are due by March 1st 2019.

Our editorial team will select papers that reflect high quality, relevance to contemporary security issues, and well-articulated arguments and counter-arguments.