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Vol. 3 No. 3 (2021)
Published January 31, 2021
2020 West Coast Security Conference Proceedings on Contemporary Conflict

The technology’s role in spreading extremism and the development of cyber capabilities by non-state actors present new challenges to policing and defence in the 21st century. The third annual CASIS West Coast Security Conference presented an opportunity for academics and practitioners to share information regarding extremist movements, the role of data analytics, cyber aggression, and the impact of artificial intelligence in shaping the future of defence strategy. The following pieces are a reflection of presentations and discussion panels that took place during our five-day conference. This edition may be used to inform responses to emerging national and international security threats of a non-traditional and often ambiguous nature. 

Editor’s Note

I am pleased to present Volume 3 Issue 3 of the Journal of Intelligence, Conflict, and Warfare inspired by CASIS Vancouver’s 3rd Annual West Coast Security Conference: The Shape of Contemporary Conflict. Not only was this our most successful conference to date, but the insightful conversations that were borne from the many impactful presentations brought to light new and exciting ideas worth further exploration and research. The three thought provoking articles chosen for this issue represent some of these ideas which I hope inspire others to further discussion and research on contemporary threats and emerging trends in security.

The goal for this issue was to provide those who were unable to join us at our conference with a written synopsis of the themes and research presented. A key pillar of CASIS Vancouver is the dissemination of knowledge and research, which is predominantly achieved through the triannual publication of this journal. As the ever-present COVID-19 pandemic introduced a heightened sense of instability and insecurity around the world in 2020, our hope is that the research presented at the conference, and herewith, will bring a sense of reassurance as to the future of the security sphere. My hope is that, with a vaccine now being rolled out, my colleagues and my fellow academics and practitioners will be inspired and unencumbered to continue their research and writing. I look forward to the wide range of engaging submissions to this journal in the coming months.

Finally, I would like to thank my production team and those authors and reviewers who have risen to the occasion during these uncertain times to continue their hard work and dedication to this journal. I am immensely grateful to a new member of the production team, Nancy Mireles, who stepped into the production coordinator position and gracefully ensured that this 2020 Conference Proceedings Special Issue was published meticulously. Moreover, the reliability and hard work embodied by each member of the production team – Marco Autelitano, Eduardo Franco, Anika Kale, Jonathan Lee, Amanda Makosso, and Gurpreet Tung – has been a source of immense pride and comfort to myself and the rest of the Journal’s management team. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Candyce Kelshall


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